What are digital currencies used for?

Digital currencies have a wide variety of uses - too many to list.  But here are some of the most common usages of digital currencies.

Digital Currency Market Capitalization (Billion USD)




Digital currencies are used first and foremost as exactly that - currency.  They are used as a medium in order to exchange goods and services.


Digital currencies are currently being used to raise funds for start-ups, science, new technology, renewable energy projects, and charity.  


Digital currencies are used as a form of investment - no different than stocks or gold.  Many coins are tied to companies, commodities, and online communities.


The Blockchain is a powerful tool that speeds up transfers, provides lower fees, and a more secure infrastructure system.  



How Do I Get Started In Bitcoin?

You can get started in Bitcoin in just minutes - by signing up with us you will get an account that has all the tools needed to start your digital currency journey.  You will get a free wallet for Bitcoin (as well as Litecoin and Dogecoin) so you can hold, exchange, and purchase using Bitcoin.  You will have the tools to seamlessly trade between digital currencies in just minutes.



What are the largest digital currencies?



Litecoin was created as an improved version of Bitcoin, and is very similar in technical aspects to Bitcoin as well.  Litecoin is usually able to complete transactions faster than Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is both the most valuable and the most commonly used digital currency.  It is often considered the 'standard' digital currency against which all others are measured.


Ethereum was only launched in 2015, it quickly rose to become the largest currency besides Bitcoin itself.  It generally has faster transactions and lower network fees.



28 Digital Currencies Currently Have A Value Of $1 Billion +

The total market capitalization of the digital currency space exceeds $450 Billion USD



The New Age Of Currency

Exists Only In Digital Form

Digital currencies have no physical form - there are no bills or coins.  

Stored In Wallets

A wallet is basically like a bank account - but for digital currencies.  Wallets can be online or offline, and are used to store, purchase, and exchange currencies.

Transfer With Ease

You can send and receive digital currency with the use of "addresses", which are similar to bank account numbers.  Transferring currency takes less than a minute.

Invest Instantly

You can invest in digital currencies, companies, and even commodities with the touch of a button.

Innovative Security

Digital currencies are backed by the Blockchain - a technology that has changed the way the world views money.  The Blockchain provides a an open-source register showing every transaction that ever occurred.

Pay With Bitcoin

A growing list of retailers and businesses (including Subway, Expedia, and Microsoft) now accept digital currencies as a form of payment.  With your wallet here, you can easily pay with Bitcoin where ever it is allowed.



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Our platform employs a simple yet functional interface that is easy to use, even if you've never used Bitcoin in your life

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